NEW Yamaha Fox Float R Evol Nyt SMA-50220-19-00


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Yamaha Fox Float R Evol Nyt SMA-50220-19-00

FOX FLOAT (FOX Load Optimizing Air Technology) 3 EVOL SERIES air shocks are high-performance shock absorbers that use air as springs, instead of heavy steel coil springs or expensive titanium coil springs. Underneath that air sleeve is a high-performance, velocity-sensitive, shimmed damping system. FLOAT 3 EVOL SERIES air shock dampers contain high pressure nitrogen gas and FOX high viscosity index shock oil separated by an Internal Floating Piston system. This helps to ensure consistent, fade-free damping in most riding conditions.

FLOAT 3 EVOL SERIES shocks are built using 6061-T6 aluminum for lightweight and strength. The chromed damper shaft is super-finished for low friction and long seal life. All of the seals and wipers are engineered specifically for FLOAT 3 EVOL SERIES. The damper shaft and seals are contained within the air sleeve, protecting them from dirt, water and ice.

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